Leadership Vistas


The Leadership Vistas program is a membership-based peer-to-peer mentoring forum for high potential and high achieving leaders, facilitated by an executive coach / trainer, where leaders at similar levels of management can collaborate in a confidential, small group setting providing education, networking and an exchange of business and management ideas to accelerate career success.

Leadership Vistas is designed to accelerate the advancement of high-potential and high-achieving women by enabling them to develop the leadership skills and savvy needed to attain one's fullest career potential while delivering more impactful business results to the employer. Each Vista chapter is limited in size to ensure the highest level of participation and interaction among the members.

While some chapters and programs accommodate mixed gender membership, some Leadership Vistas chapters are limited exclusively to high-potential and high-achieving women for a specific reason. The founders of the program have found through first-hand experience that women must first understand themselves in order to truly understand and help others. Women tend to learn and share more about themselves when men are not present. For those leaders who are inspired and ready to build stronger bridges of inclusion, mixed gender chapters are the ideal option.

Whether participating in an exclusive or mixed gender chapter, guest speakers and members will together explore how gender can influence perceptions, relationships and business dialogs. In this way, the members will have the opportunity to consider and appreciate the impacts of gender differences. Members will come away with an improved ability to proactively modify their approach so that they can interact more effectively with both men and women within and beyond their organizations.