Services Overview


As the world marketplace shifts to a new leadership paradigm, Business Women Rising offers business leaders and their companies the highest quality mentoring programs, leadership training, executive coaching and management consulting designed exclusively to foster stronger, more inclusive leadership teams.

Unparalleled Leadership Development Services

Leadership Vistas are peer-to-peer mentoring forums for high potential and high achieving leaders, facilitated by an executive coach. At similar levels of management, members of the Vistas collaborate in confidential, small group settings designed to provide education, networking, the exchange of business ideas and best practice management philosophies to accelerate career success. Leadership Vistas are designed to enable business leaders to develop the management acumen, strategic thinking and visionary insights needed to attain their fullest career potential and deliver the greatest return possible to the employer.

The BW Rising Institute offers a variety of foundational management skills workshops and leadership development seminars designed to foster professional development, mentorship, inclusion and collaboration between genders and generations. Open-to-the-public sessions are available and all programs can be customized and held on-site to meet the needs of specific work groups within your enterprise.

Executive Coaching & Management Consulting Services that Deliver Real Results

Business Women Rising offers a single source solution for executive coaching and management consulting services that can deliver the kind of results that are essential to your business success. Based on a thorough understanding of your business objectives and budgetary requirements, BWR will recommend the best solution to meet your unique business needs.

BWR executive coaching focuses on leadership development, maximization of mentoring relationships, alignment of the individual’s personal presence within the organization’s culture, and successful transition of leaders from one role to the next.

BWR management consulting services specialize in inclusive organizational design & effectiveness; mentoring programs; diversity initiatives, including appreciation of gender, cultural and generational differences; and other workplace issues.