October 2011
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Dear Reader:

Fall is upon us, the leaves are starting to change and the air will soon carry a certain crispness... but the warmth of our Summer Vista Exchange is still with me!  It was wonderful seeing everyone at the Exchange in July, and I hope that if you didn't get to attend then, you will make it a priority to attend our Winter Vista Exchange on December 1st when we will have another remarkable line up of inspirational and educational speakers.

And make it a goal to leave a distinct impression on someone, no matter how big or small, this fall season.  Remember, even though you are just one person, you CAN make a world of difference... and we're here to help you do just that!
Warm Regards,

Deb Boelkes
CEO, Business World Rising and
President, Business Women Rising
The 2011 Summer Vista Exchange

True Leaders Make Distinct Impressions

With nearly 100 attendees, our Summer Vista Exchange boasted beautiful weather and inspirational speakers who enriched our guests on a variety of topics.  Once again, the UCLA Anderson School of Management made a distinct impression on everyone by serving as the Platinum Sponsor.  Jerri Rosen of Working Wardrobes showed us how they help so many make distinct impressions as they enter the workforce, and she exemplified the powerful impact that one person can have.  Marilyn MacNiven-Young engaged the crowd with her topic, "Walking to Your Own Beat," as Sandra Sellani and Scott Hamilton enabled our guests to reflect on the impressions that each of us make through our own personal brands.

Kirsten Mangers, Founder and former CEO of WebVisible, spoke about the Evolution of a Female Leader, the importance of ambition, servant leadership and overcoming our fear of failure.  Lastly, Sue Baumgarten of the UCLA Anderson School spoke about taking charge of your own career, based on her own amazing journey to the corner office at Raytheon International.  The Leadership Vista Managing Directors kept the high energy dynamics going throughout the event, with networking and interactive exercises between speakers.

Dr. Vu Pham opened everyone's eyes to the gender biases of the institutions we are born into.
He showed us the opportunities we have to overcome these biases by being more aware, and how we can each create more "Impressive First Impressions."
Our Leadership Vistas program offers targeted tracks for every step of the management career ladder including: Prima Vista - for first-level managers, Monte Vista - for mid-level managers, Buena Vista - management development for seasoned leaders, Stella Vista - for emerging professionals, Grande Vista - for senior leaders, Magna Vista - for seasoned professionals, Bella Vista - for entrepreneurial CEOs, and Alta Vista - for enterprise Presidents and CEOs.

To learn more about our educational peer-mentoring programs, visit our Leadership Vistas web-page here!

COMING NEXT: The Winter Vista Exchange on December 1st will most certainly prove to be just as distinct and exciting as our summer event!  With "True Leaders Can Change the World," as the theme, our next Vista Exchange will be held at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.  This event will be open to non-members as well as members, and will be a great way for everyone to experience our powerful and enriching program first hand.

More information about the upcoming Winter Vista Exchange is available by visiting our website, linked here.

Early bird pricing is available until November 11th!
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Meet Our Team

Victoria Mouroulis, Managing Director

Bella Vista
Bringing over 20 years of diverse business leadership expertise to Business World Rising, and with proven experience motivating and delivering high sales team productivity and revenue, Victoria Mouroulis has made a distinct impression on all of us as Managing Director of our new Bella Vista program.  Victoria is a certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, she holds a Certificate in Management Effectiveness from the University of Southern California, and is a member of the International Coaching Council as well as the International Association of Coaches.

Victoria is committed to improving the performance of those C-level leaders who have a strong interest in professional and personal growth.  Victoria states, "Bella Vista is specifically designed to help entrepreneurial C-level executives leverage their talents, wisdom, and knowledge to collectively enable their companies to outperform the competition.  Those in Bella Vista benefit from the business education as well as from the proactive exploration of synergies with other brilliant top-level executives."

There is a lot to look forward to, as she provides a strong foundation for our new Bella Vista program!  To learn more about Victoria and our other amazing Leadership Vistas program leaders, visit our Team page.

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