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"It's time that companies build programs to prepare women at every level to be role models..."

- Richard K. Templeton CEO, Texas Instruments

Our Beliefs
Our Mission:   
- Help women ascend to    the helm
- Help leaders champion    inclusion
- Help enterprises achieve    superior performance    through greater
   collaboration and    leadership excellence
Our Vision:
To create a world where gender inequality no longer exists within board rooms and executive suites. 
Our Guiding Principles:
- Inclusion
- Innovation
- Inspiration


The objective of the Leadership Vista Programs is to foster:
· Greater mentorship and collaboration among peers and between management levels
· Greater leadership diversity
· A more appreciative, rewarding, productive and profitable workplace.

Vista Exchange Testimonials

First let me say thank you for putting together this wonderful event. To say that I was inspired is an understatement. I most certainly was inspired but more importantly I was moved to action. The opportunity to join this group comes at a pivotal point in my life and career so I am extremely excited! You brought forth exceptional talent to tell their stories. All speakers had a story to tell which makes them timelessly relevant. I received my master's degree in leadership and have held leadership roles the majority of my life. One would think I didn't need to be reminded about authentic leadership and servant leadership. Betty Uribe reminded me that both aspects of leadership must be a constant goal and that it is okay to be "okay" with your past and let people see behind the facades we often create.

Regional Manager
Colliers International


Thank you so much for inviting me to attend the Winter Vista Exchange, it was an amazing event! I’ve been talking about it all week with my team members; sharing what I learned and the valuable key points.

I loved the venue and all of the speakers were incredible! I truly enjoyed Betty Uribe’s message and it really spoke to me both personally and professionally. I appreciated Pam Hedges leadership topic about being strategic and ensuring good communication. I was able to network with other professionals and met some wonderful women.

I truly do not know what could have been done differently to improve my experience as it was one of the best leadership events I have ever been to and I mean that with all sincerity.

Orange County Transportation Authority


I want to extend my warmest congratulations to you for the Winter Vista Exchange event. It was just wonderful. I enjoyed meeting so many people and I met all those that knew my name but we had never met. It is extremely exciting and heartwarming to see your initial idea blossom into the quality endeavor you have created. Your vision and drive got you this far and the results are just a glimpse of what is possible. I have to let all my colleagues know about the BWR Vista Programs. I’m sure they have employees at varying levels of management that would benefit. You (and) the team of leaders for the Vista programs all deserve a congratulatory applause. Cheers from me!!!

Group Administrator
Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group


Thank you for the wonderful Winter Vista Exchange program last week. I was very happy to attend and support Business Women Rising and I am glad BWR is having a triumphant year. I look forward seeing all the future giving and achievements from the organization.

Moreover, what a blessing for me personally knowing I was a part of BWR’s chapter program inception last year. It is honor to know the chapter program structure evolved into BWR’s core business today. So, congratulations to a successful first year of Business Women Rising’s Vista programs! Everyone that is a part of BWR is such a talent and shining gem to what the organization is today.

I also wanted to thank, Irvine Technology Corporation, for being a thoughtful and giving company where they allowed all my hours in service to BWR, as well as, for their facilities sponsorship with the Monte Vista Program and their financial sponsorship for the Winter Vista Exchange. Additionally, all the BWR sponsors are to be commended for their generous support to BWR.

Lastly, to team of BWR, I wish you future success and thank you for continuing as true servant leaders, keeping the focus of women helping women alive in our business communities. May you all continue as gracious givers, adding value to all you encounter. Thank you for your contributions in my life and others, and may 2011 be a tremendous year for all.

Irvine Technology Corporation


The meeting was just phenomenal! It was so inspiring and I met so many interesting people. You did such a great job putting this together. I really enjoyed Terry Goldfarb-Lee’s presentation on Networking. I’ve attended and conducted numerous programs on networking but she captured all of the elements so clearly.

Fisher & Phillips LLP


What a great event you and your team put on today. Betty, Terry, and your group were wonderful and I met some great women. Kudos to what you have accomplished to date and I am so excited to see how quickly you will rise with your business.

Platinum Resource Group


What a great event, and what a great achievement to have gathered such a great group of women together. Thanks for including me.



Thank you for inviting me to attend the Winter Vista Exchange. I feel honored to have been included for an event with such an amazing group of women (and men). You put together a varied and very interesting collection of speakers, who were all deeply moving and genuine. I do admire what you have created with Business Women Rising.

Platinum Resource Group


Happy Holidays! Friday's meeting was extremely inspirational! I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Associate Manager
Smashbox Cosmetics


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the event. All the speeches were so inspiring and motivating. I can’t wait for the next one!

Smashbox Cosmetics