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Our Beliefs
Our Mission:   
- Help women ascend to    the helm
- Help leaders champion    inclusion
- Help enterprises achieve    superior performance    through greater
   collaboration and    leadership excellence
Our Vision:
To create a world where gender inequality no longer exists within board rooms and executive suites. 
Our Guiding Principles:
- Inclusion
- Innovation
- Inspiration


About Business Women Rising

Business Women Rising is a division of  the leadership development services firm Business World Rising.  The Business Women Rising division offers the highest quality educational services, management consulting, executive coaching and a mentoring-based community designed to foster more inclusive enterprises, more engaged employees and accelerate the advancement of women leaders.  
As an aggregator of leadership development services, Business Women Rising is a one-stop resource for high potential business women who aspire to ascend the corporate ladder and enterprises that want to attract, develop and retain top talent to drive more profitable growth through greater leadership diversity.
Business Women Rising is dedicated to working with public and private sector enterprises to address the primary challenges that tend to reinforce the glass ceiling. Senior-level women and CEOs of the Fortune 1000 have indicated that women need greater access to: 
  • Role models
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities to network 
As a mission-oriented business partner, Business Women Rising helps both men and women in large and mid-sized enterprises develop more inclusive, collaborative work environments that develop and promote women leaders. We help progressive organizations develop and institute programs that will drive positive change and a sustainable advantage for aspiring women leaders, their employers and the economy overall.
Our Philosophy
Business World Rising is not a "for women only" firm.  We believe men are a vital part of the equation. If you ask most successful women who their best mentors have been, the majority of the time the answer is "men". Men and women think and behave differently for a reason. It’s in everyone’s best interest to understand, appreciate and leverage the unique giftedness available within the existing talent pool to build stronger, more profitable and successful enterprises. The Business Women Rising division focuses on those educational and peer-mentoring activities unique to women participants.
Our goal is to make it easier for high potential business women, business men and enterprises to successfully achieve their business goals. Together, we can make it happen. 
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